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The Move Column Machine Tool on Sevenspark EDM Drill

The Move Column Machine Tool on Sevenspark EDM Drill.

We had done our new unique model; The move column machine tool in 2018.

It's a super-idealized one-piece base cast designed.

Sevenspark's ATC magazine tower stands outside of the worktable,

Sevenspark offers 20ATC+20AGC as a standard ATC EDM drill feature. We will not offer our partners 2 or 6 sets AGC only. The fixed work table has a very wide-open SUS submergible water tank. Very suitable to fit any type of rotary table as well as an automated pallet (APC).

The wide-open  SUS- Brick worktable can load up to 5 tons of weight workpiece without deformations.

The works sit on the fixed worktable, Therefore the submerging-water is still without any tsunami effect.

Every axis AC servo motor has no weight effected on the worktable; No matter how heavy works have laded on. Which could require as small as 400 watt AC motor to carry its light driving in high accuracy positioning.Otherwise; Can you load a 5 tons weight works piece on a C type column(move table ) machine to positioning in tight tolerance? 

Work with Sevenspark move column CNC EDM Drills will never need to worry about over-cut issues that occurred on EDM wire cutting as well as CNC Machine Center. Most of EDM wire cutter will go nut if it has been load on a 2 tons works.

Sevenspark designs a total solution product to shot your troubles instead of buy-in a lot of problem for you to solve.

 The Sevenspark EDM Drills has the classical front side operate spindle design; which could let the user check the centerline natural and easy.

This is my most idealized dream and practicable product. I am planning to fit a BT30  milling spindle on my move column machine. To be an engraver to engrave SUS works in a submergible way.

My customer Gary Chang in Chung Li TW always said: To invested a Sevenspark EDM Driller as good to had a money printer.

My customer Chris in Erie PA said:  Sevenspark EDM Driller as durable as a bulletproof tank.

The machine was installed 19 years ago! Everyone who loves their Seven Metal Drill machine.

They don't want to give them up!   

We regard our machines as our own nice daughters to service our VIP.

Sevenmetal will only offer machines which worth Sevenmetal keen on to invest in.


Chi Huang Chang/CEO Seven Metal Corp.

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