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Seven Metal export 6 Axis CNC+ATC +AGC EDM Drilling Machine

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Seven Metal Corp.founded in May 1980.

As an EDM Drilling Electrode tubing and Electrode ceramic guide manufacturer.

We had learned a lot of Electrode tubing know-hows since then; Which drove us to became an EDM  Driller's manufacturer since  1986.

We had export our Manual EDM Drilling Machine since 1996. And export our 3 Axis CNC  EDM Drilling Machine since 2001.

We had a well developed 6 Axis CNC  EDM Drilling Machine at 2012 .6 Axis CNC+ATC

+AGC in 2018.


Sevenmetal offer Move Column  CNC EDM Drills

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Seve Metal Corp.

The EDM Drilling Machine Manufacturer Taiwan. Sevenmetal was well established since 1980. When we make a machine, we insist on High quality, High efficiency, Bulk sale quantity. Easy to learn. Easy piloted. We always insist on using the best material to build Sevenspark EDM Machines.

 Sevenspark EDM Drills has the classical front side operate spindle design; which could let the user check the centerline of the work natural and easy.

The one-piece cast base Move column EDM Drilling machine is our newest idealized product. Which made our machines much precise and durable than common machines.

 We have a lot of customers around the world; who having our machines for over 20 years and still using now.

Besides, We are an EDM Drillll machine maker, not a machine dealer. Therefore, We sell to customers at a low price. We also welcome customized design machines.

We look forward to building up your wonderful EDM business land

Sevenmetal ATC+AGC; an easiest CNC EDM Drill to pilot


Today, CNC EDM business 's multi-hole and multi-electrode operations have become easier than manual EDM Drilling. However, an increase in these types of jobs meant the company had to find a way to drill the holes easier. This was difficult because machine operators were manually changing the electrodes out of the older manual EDM driller every hour on the shop, a process that took too much time, The operator would have to wait for the machine to consume the electrode and stop, unscrew the chuck from the spindle, remove the used electrode, put a new electrode in, screw the chuck into the machine and continue drilling.

This process required ATC+AGC to dedicate an employee on every shift to stand in front of the machine and make sure it kept drilling. If the operator was unavailable to tend the machine when the electrode was finished, it could result in the machine being idle for several hours. Sevenmetal provided ATC+AGC to be a better solution.

Sevenmetal ATC+AGC could expand the EDMing capabilities by making electrode changes quicker, This equipment helped make significant improvements to setup time, managing labor hours and providing faster turnaround for aerospace turbine blade cooling hole drilling. 

With the Sevenmetal ATC+AGC could operators now have a significantly faster and more effective solution to change electrodes. Sevenmetal ATC+AGC could reduce setup time in an eight-hour shift down to just a few hours per day. The operator has the ability with this automation technology to load the electrode change once per shift, freeing the operators to run other machines or start other jobs on the shop floor.

In addition to the reduced setup time, the efficiently controlled EDM processes on the new machine tool have led to faster throughput and less electrode wear. The machine’s breakthrough technology (detected to when an electrode essentially “has done breaks through” the hole) has made it easier for the shop to manage the speed, consistency and precision requirements of its aerospace hole-making applications.

Sevenmetal ATC+AGC CNC has a much less wear rate of electrode wear than other EDM drillers on the market. There’s also less deviation in the hole diameter leading to a more consistent EDMing through the hole.

 Sevenmetal ATC+AGC CNC has an Automated adjust flushing pressure function which could NC -choose a given flushing pressure for varies of electrode tubing. Not required manual-set flushing pressure accordingly to the different diameter of electrode tubings.Because an OD3.0mm electrode tubing's flushing pressure(+-26Kg/cm²)are quite different to a 1.0mm (+-100Kg/cm²)electrode tubing.Thus; An operator could take care of 4 to 10 machines.

If a CNC + ATC Without this Automated adjust flushing pressure function; The operator must do the manual-set flushing pressure according to the different diameter of electrode tubings in using all EDMing processions. An operator is hardly to serve one machine. Drilling by such semi ATC EDM Driller not only mistreat the operator but also make unpreventable junk parts. Which tough job will make a boss without an employee to work for. Or made many overwork bosses DIY on their shop. An ATC machine without fully NC functions is worse than a Manual machine. That is why so many ATC EDM Driller's owner rather not to play it's ATC nor AGC functions but just play with it's NC positioning.

Sevenmetal ATC+AGC CNC has no using G code Nor M code to edit the X-Y& Z positioning file. Simply fill in Z & X-Y dialog windows which can be easily learned in a couple of hours. 

Which not required a sophisticated operator to pilot Sevenmetal CNC. That's the Sevenspark way!! No complicated. 

 The poor design machine needs a very smart operator. The smart machine needs a smart owner. Sevenmetal CNC plus an extra ATC+AGC has additional electrode capacity that can run over the weekend without any operator intervention.

 That's why my My customer Gary Chang in Chung Li TW always said: To invested a Sevenspark EDM Driller as good to had a money printer.

 My customer Chris in Erie PA said: Sevenspark EDM Driller as durable as a bulletproof tank. The machine was installed 19 years ago! Everyone who has purchased a Seven Metals Drill; They love their machine. They don't want to give them up!

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